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I do think he makes a valuable point in the epilogue, that the point - of cancer, of any struggle, of life - is not to be a survivor, but to be a fighter.I'd also like to see new photos in any subsequent editions, of all the blond women he's dated - Sheryl Crow, Kate Hudson, Tory Burch, the new one - I'm sure I'm leaving out dozens.This is one angry man with one of the hugest ego's I ever experienced in my life! Some of the bycicle facts are not correct and the story about Pantani? It just so happens that you were a big fat liar, and now feeling sorry or happy for you is really hard to do.

A lanky kid from Plano, Texas, is raised by a feisty, single parent who sacrifices for her son, who becomes one of our country's greatest athletes. The other thing that really bothers me: most of the obstacles that had to be overcome were the result of of his actions. He slammed into a wall so hard most people were sure he was dead, and he had to stop training for several days because of the head injury. Really, it gets quite annoying.2) He couldn't keep his marriage and family intact, especially after putting his wife through the IVF, twice.

It’s well written, honest and unflinching, as some of what we read doesn’t always paint Armstrong in the most favorable light.

Other reviewers have mentioned his ego (huge) and his single mindedness when it came to racing and training, bordering on obsession.

On that note while Armstrong praises his (now ex-wife) Kit I was shocked at how he treated her, expecting her life to just revolve around him.

At one point she gives up everything in the States and follows him to Europe to just “be there” while he trains, then on a whim Lance quits the tour and he expects her to just pack up the house and follow him back home while he sorts himself out and plays golf.

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